You’re a nutrition-loving, lifestyle-worshiping, abundance-seeking wellness devotee who’s (finally!) starting her own business.

There’s just one tiny problem: You have no idea how you’re actually going to make it all work. You know, like earning money and stuff. (Details!) More specifically, maybe these panic-stricken thoughts have bounced around your brain more than once:

  • health coaching businessWhat if I don’t actually get any clients?
  • How do I even go about getting clients?
  • What if they hate me?
  • What if they tell the whole wide world I’m no good?
  • What if I really AM no good?
  • How am I supposed to market myself?
  • Will I even have enough money to market myself?
  • There are SO many of us out there—how am I going to convince anyone to pick me?
  • I need a website.
  • I have no idea how to run a website.
  • Is this even a good idea?
  • Oh my gosh I should have become a lawyer.

Step one: Take a big deep breath. Step two: Smile and keep reading. You’re in good hands.

Introducing the Wellness Business Bootcamp: An exclusive online training program for wellness professionals who want to build a hot business they love—but, frankly, are scared out of their minds about how to make it work.

I’m Elizabeth Rider, creator of the Wellness Business Bootcamp, as well as my own wellness and lifestyle business, I’m a professionally trained health counselor through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and for the past five years, have been rockin’ and rolling by building my business into a 6+ figure enterprise.

At one point I was just like you —I was just starting off.

I had actually begun my earlier career working in corporate America for a big, multinational firm in a completely different industry. So when I decided it was time for me to make a switch and start my wellness business, I was just as scared (and confused!) (And overwhelmed!) as you are right now.

However, I made it work.

wellness business trainingThere was a lot of trial and error. There were a lot of times I wasn’t sure it was going to work. There were a lot of times I doubted myself. And there were a lot of times I wasn’t sure what I was doing. Fast forward to present day, and my business is more successful than I even imagined it would be. I work from my home – mostly in yoga pants. I get to do what I love and come and go as I please. I wouldn’t trade it all for anything. That said, I’ll be honest with you: In order for this to work, it will take every single ounce of your soul, your heart, your focus, your dedication, your discipline, and your energy.

On the other hand, the good news is this: It’s more than possible, and you can do this. The Wellness Business Bootcamp is a four week online program designed specifically to help you take your brilliant health and nutrition knowledge and learn how to do GOOD with it – by building a profitable business that helps others live better, and helps you earn more.

You do not have to settle for a mediocre income in your business. You CAN do good in this world, help others, and be financially secure. (Thank goodness!)

Sometimes, it’s just a matter of learning the right way how. Sometimes, it could be just one thing you’ve been doing wrong that you never knew was wrong. But all of the time, it’s just the sheer fact that kicking butt in business is a learned skill. That’s right, it’s learned. We aren’t born knowing how to turn our passions into profits. We have to learn it. And I’m going to show you how.

Elizabeth is so generous with her knowledge and guidance. Often times successful people don’t want to share their secrets to success, but Elizabeth gives you everything – no secrets left untold. Her compassionate heart combined with her extreme business savvy makes her an amazing mentor and leader.
~ Cassandra Green, MBA, E-RYT, Certified Health Coach, AADP & Graduate Of The Institute For Integrative Nutrition

Even though this is a 4-week program, you’ll be given access to all of the exclusive learning materials I designed just for you from the start so you can go through the program at your own pace. There are assignments to keep you moving forward (but no worries, you don’t have to turn it in). All materials are delivered online and can be accessed 24/7. Here’s exactly what you’ll learn:

Week One: What Are You Really Selling? (Hint: This will make or break everything.)

  • How to get clear on what it is that you’re really offering—and more importantly, why. Whether it’s a product or service, you need to get clear on not just what you’re offering, but how and why.
  • Access to my exclusive “Cash Map”–the easiest way to determine how you’re going to make the money you need to make this year. (Plus, I’ll show you exactly, in detail, how I make my own money & where it comes from.)
  • Crafting your offering in a way that makes people literally beg you to buy it. (No, really. This happens. It’s exciting!)
  • The Idea Generator—10 Different Ways To Generate Income In Your Wellness Business That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of.
  • The number one secret you must learn (and really learn!) to experience success with your business.

Week Two: Organizing Your Business In a Way That Supports Your Lifestyle—So You Don’t Go Crazy, Mess Up, or Give Up

  • Learn my #1 formula for creating abundance in business—what I credit for why I’ve been so successful.
  • How to determine what things you need to be doing—and what things you absolutely DON’T. (Sometimes, the best way to make progress is to stop doing more things, rather than keep doing them. Just wait.)
  • Every single tool you will need to run this business like a well-oiled, money-making, soul-shakin’ business—and exactly how to use each one to your greatest benefit. Cha-ching!
  • Learn my system to keep your business organized from head to toe—so you can concentrate on what really matters. (And not get overwhelmed with icky, time-consuming logistics.)
Before working with Elizabeth, I felt alone trying to launch my health coaching practice. After working with her this past year, I have been attracting clients left and right. She has given me the confidence, tools and resources to keep me growing on a daily basis.
~ Christine Fikany – Certified Health Coach, AADP & Graduate Of The Institute For Integrative Nutrition

Week Three: Building The Biz, Building Your Brand, and Getting Customers (Yes, please!)

  • The reason Twitter is non-negotiable—and how to use it to spread the word about your business. (In much less time than you think, promise.)
  • Facebook, Facebook, Facebook—how you can use the same tool you use every day in a way that will actually make you money (and how to make your own fan page actually work for you).
  • Things your website MUST have to actually benefit you (some might surprise you).
  • The trick to blogging and actually getting clients from every single blog post.
  • What it means to have a personal brand, and how to make sure you’re being perceived the right way—and not the wrong way.
  • Understanding the concept of having a tribe, and why you absolutely need one.
  • Social proof—and how this might be one of the most important selling tools you’ll ever learn about
  • How to craft your bio and why your “about page” can make or break your business.
  • What it means to be authentic in your business, and why it’s so important.

Week Four: Marketing And Selling With Authenticity, Passion & Feel-Good Vibes
(Let The Cash Flow Begin)

  • Marketing 101—going back to the basics, so you can get back to making the money you deserve.
  • Understanding the art of copywriting—why what you say is more important than what you sell.
  • Headlines, and why these can be the difference between an abundance of sales—and zero.
  • How to properly launch a product or service so that the sales just flow in. My launch formula is absolutely key to this.
  • Closing that sale. Getting them to say yes. And feeling GOOD about the deal.

Receiving Elizabeth’s business training for the past year and a half has completely transformed my leadership skills, my income, and my view of what’s possible to achieve. Thanks to her coaching, I’ve been able to design my life how I want it: low-stress, flexible, and extremely fulfilling.
~ Josie Bouchier, L.Ac.
Elizabeth Rider
Elizabeth Rider

Elizabeth Rider is a leading nutrition & whole living expert teaching women around the world how to become the healthiest, most successful people they know. In a world flooded with diet information, Elizabeth’s healthy recipes and straight-forward nutrition advice draw millions of inspired readers to her popular blog. Best known for her fun and accessible approach to food & healthy living, she’s built an online wellness empire from scratch on her iPhone and laptop. The Psychology Of Eating named her website as a Top Health Coach Blog, and List Nutrition called her site a Top 20 Nutrition Blog. Thousands have had success using her online programs, which include Clean Up Your Diet™, Purpose To Profit™ and The Wellness Business Bootcamp™.

As host of Elizabeth Eats on Food Matters TV, Elizabeth is delightfully changing the way the world views healthy home cooking. She speaks on stages around the world and mentors scores of ambitious people each year to seek and live life on their own terms. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach (Integrative Nutrition) and accomplished online entrepreneur, cultivating a lifestyle of freedom and health is her religion. Elizabeth is a graduate of Cornell University’s Plant-Based Nutrition program, a TEDx speaker, and regular contributor to The Huffington Post. Her recipes have been featured on, MSN, MindBodyGreen, Buzzfeed, Greatist and POPSUGAR among others.