A Certified Health Coach teaches you everything you need to know about food & nutrition in 10 easy steps.

You feel better than you have in years, and you glow from the inside out.

The good news? You don’t have to just imagine it. I’ve put together this Clean Up Your Diet™ program to answer all of your burning questions about how and what you should actually be eating.

In the last five or so years, the diet industry has pushed consumers to choose a dietary theory camp.

You have to be paleo, vegan, raw, vegetarian, or gluten-free—or whatever diet-of-the-year happens to be on trend. God forbid you stray from your camp and you’re shunned, or worse you feel like a lying cheat.

The reality is that nobody wants to live that way and nobody really does. Everyone’s sneaking around on their diets, so why force yourself to pick one way of eating when there are so many ways nutrient-rich foods available to prepare healthful meals?

Clean Up Your Diet will help you navigate clean eating no matter your mood or dietary desires.
No more labels. No more guilt. No more grocery store paralysis.

This is not a one-and-done diet. This is an easy-to-implement lifestyle that will serve you for years to come. Let’s take the guesswork out of what it takes to look and feel your best. (Hint: it’s easier than you think!)

“I was unsure that the online format would work but I LOVED it. I used the video sessions more like a podcast and I really enjoyed the flexibility. After the program I’m 15 pounds lighter, sleep better and feel better. Amazing”
- Shannon Lundquist, 43 | Toronto Canada

You Will Learn:
  • Core concepts that will teach you how eat in the best way for you—no prescribed diets here. Vegan, vegetarian, raw, dairy-free, gluten-free, carnivore, Paleo, pescatarian — the list goes on and on. No one way is best for everyone; one person’s food is another person’s poison. I’ll teach you how to figure out which way is best for you, with the underlying concepts that make every human body thrive.

  • All about superfoods, including how to take the most advantage of them, and how to turn them into delicious, unintimidating treats. (E.g. how to make kale actually taste good, and what to do with things like chia seeds. And what the heck is quinoa anyways?)

  • What foods are actually poisoning you and that you should never ever eat again. Don’t worry, it’s probably not what you think. I won’t take away your most loved foods, we might just need to find healthier ways of eating them.

  • The critical importance of your digestive health and how to properly take probiotics and digestive enzymes. Your digestion affects every single system in your body — especially your immune system and skin health. Every system in your body is affected when your digestion is off. But don’t fret, we’ll get yours running like a well-oiled machine.

  • How to crowd out the bad stuff by adding in the good stuff that tastes even better.

  • How eating more can actually help you lose weight (if that’s your goal) and how no amount of gym time will get you the body you want if your nutrition is off.

  • What supplements are completely necessary (and which ones aren’t), how they work in your body, and how to choose what is best for you so you’re not wasting money every month. Most people are severely deficient in the basic vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed for optimum health — you’ll learn how to not be one of them.

  • Easy home cooking tips so you can whip up healthy, yummy meals at home.

  • Meal planning that works.

  • The healthiest foods to choose at restaurants and parties so you can stay on the wagon and still enjoy yourself.

  • How to stay on track when you’re traveling.

  • How to save money at the grocery store and how to eat healthy on a budget.

  • How to make easy, healthy substitutions that you’ll love; these small things can add up to huge results.

  • The food-mood connection, and how our food choices affect how we feel, think and act. Every. Single. Day.

Think of this program as all of the one-on-one health coaching that you and I would do over six months wrapped up into one convenient (and MUCH less expensive!) online course.

"Elizabeth not only knows her stuff, she knows HOW TO TEACH people what she knows in a fun, interesting and supportive way. That’s a unique skill that doesn’t come along often!"
-Emily M. Anderson

You Will Get:
  • The entire Clean Up Your Diet 10 Step Program accessed from your easy-to-use learning platform that works on all devices, including your smart phone. You'll have 24/7 access to learn on your own time, at your own pace from anywhere in the world. The program is delivered via videos and downloadable PDFs to help you clean up your eating habits with ease.

  • Downloadable Bonus Clean Up Your Diet Recipe Guide with over 50 of my favorite recipes.

  • Access to our private Clean Up Your Diet Facebook Forum to connect with like-minded people.

How This Program Works:

Upon registration you’ll receive immediate access to the entire 10-Step program. You can go through the content on your own time and repeat the course as often as you'd like.

What People Are Saying:

"The tools and tips that I learned for cooking now help me to prepare healthy meals for my family. Most importantly, it gave me the confidence to create and invent healthy meals."
-Olivia Commune, 28 | Montreal Canada

"I generally lead a healthy lifestyle but had been feeling like I had lost my way over the last year or two. I really needed to regroup and get to a point of starting over. There is so much healthy living and diet information on the internet I was beginning to feel information overload but Clean Up Your Diet compiles the basics of healthy living into an easy to navigate plan."
-Debbie Wright, 57 | Ashburn, Virginia

"The program is fantastic and done beautifully with easy-to-implement healthy tips. Elizabeth is such a positive role model!"
-Quinn Anderson, 44 | Great Falls, Montana

"I learned SO much during your Clean Up Your Diet program. I thought I was eating pretty healthy, but now have realized that I wasn’t eating as well as I thought. I’ve even lost 6 lbs and my clothes are fitting better. I also feel more focused, happy and calm; I will recommend this program to everyone I know! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me, it truly has changed my life."
-Lacey Cartrite | Denver, Colorado

"This program has been truly life-changing for me in SO many ways; I can't even verbalize the profound changes it made in my life. The materials were easy digest & VERY educational; everyone should do this program!"
-Jill Quarles | Olive Branch, Mississippi

"I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone! Elizabeth is so down to earth, and the fact that the program is simple small steps rather than a major overhaul all at once it makes it all very doable."
-Corinne Roffler, 41 | San Francisco, California

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Elizabeth Rider
Elizabeth Rider

Elizabeth Rider is a leading nutrition & whole living expert teaching women around the world how to become the healthiest, most successful people they know. In a world flooded with diet information, Elizabeth’s healthy recipes and straight-forward nutrition advice draw millions of inspired readers to her popular blog. Best known for her fun and accessible approach to food & healthy living, she’s built an online wellness empire from scratch on her iPhone and laptop. The Psychology Of Eating named her website as a Top Health Coach Blog, and List Nutrition called her site a Top 20 Nutrition Blog. Thousands have had success using her online programs, which include Clean Up Your Diet™, Purpose To Profit™ and The Wellness Business Bootcamp™.

As host of Elizabeth Eats on Food Matters TV, Elizabeth is delightfully changing the way the world views healthy home cooking. She speaks on stages around the world and mentors scores of ambitious people each year to seek and live life on their own terms. As a Certified Holistic Health Coach (Integrative Nutrition) and accomplished online entrepreneur, cultivating a lifestyle of freedom and health is her religion. Elizabeth is a graduate of Cornell University’s Plant-Based Nutrition program, a TEDx speaker, and regular contributor to The Huffington Post. Her recipes have been featured on Shape.com, MSN, MindBodyGreen, Buzzfeed, Greatist and POPSUGAR among others.